• Consultation

Literary coaching is beneficial to all writers (creative, academic, or business) in every stage of their writing careers. During a coaching session, writers determine their writing goals, create an outline or a structure for a project, discuss ideas and planning for current or future projects, and learn or expand on craft technique. Writers see boosted productivity and improved skills almost immediately.

  • Instruction

Creative writing: writers of any age and experience level receive tailored instruction in craft, technique, theory, and practice. Lessons are designed to augment and enhance writers’ abilities, instill confidence, and ultimately ready the writer and her work for publication.

Academic: students (Elementary-PhD) working with essays, dissertations, or academic journal articles work on structure, cohesion, and economy in their papers and theses.

Grammar: grammatical instruction is tailored to the individual’s specific needs. A full program that addresses every aspect of English grammar enables writers to have complete control over their work; individual quick fix lessons target more specific areas.

Manuscript consultation (fiction, nonfiction, poetry & academic writing)

  • Provide developmental feedback, substantive editing, copyediting & proofreading on manuscripts-in-progress- from early in their inception to late stage or final drafts.


  • Website copy, memos, brochures, correspondence, press releases, etc.

For  further information regarding private coaching, manuscript consultation, copy writing or editing, please contact or visit One Lit Place to see the full range of services offered by our editorial team.

“Jenna approached my work with sensitivity and openness, offering her immense knowledge on many aspects of my text.   I appreciated Jenna’s close and engaged reading, attending both to the nitty gritties (characterization, narrative, dialogue, structure, flow) and the “bigger picture” of  story development.  I found it a joy to work with her, and her insights have helped me tremendously in my later drafts. I am most impressed with her generosity of spirit, experience and love of literature.”

Frances Miller, Freelance Writer

“Her feedback and edits are exceptionally thorough and thought-provoking.  Writing is akin to deep dark water.  Jenna takes her students beyond treading water and teaches them to swim.”

Carrianne Leung, PhD
The Wonderous Woo (Inanna Publications) *Shortlisted, Toronto Book Awards, 2014