“In ‘Great, My Daughter Is Marrying a Nazi,’ editor and author Jenna Kalinsky takes readers inside her experience of falling in love with a German, marrying him and moving to Germany, only to feel like an exotic among the locals. ‘My Jewishness had gone from being an easygoing, organic part of me to being both my dirty secret and my entire glaring identity.’ Living in Germany, surrounded by reminders of the Holocaust, becomes simply too much — both for the author and her marriage. Though her husband tries to soften her experience by bringing her coffee in the mornings, armfuls of flowers and planning a ski trip, his efforts aren’t enough. ‘I thanked him, but by then we were flanked on all sides by avalanche. The roar, the noise, made it impossible for me to say thanks loudly enough, or for him to hear me.’ Readers follow as history pulls apart the fabric of their marriage.”

Bernadette Murphy, Los Angeles Times, August 29, 2005.

“Jenna Kalinsky’s ‘Great, My Daughter is Marrying a Nazi’ is an exquisitely detailed chronicle of the dissolution of a marriage.”

Kim Hughes, Toronto Star, January 8, 2006

What impresses most about this collection is the honesty, which at times is gut wrenching. Jenna Kalinsky offers an intimate portrayal of her marriage to a German man in the essay, ‘Great, My Daughter Is Marrying a Nazi.’ She writes openly about the loneliness she felt moving to Germany, their struggle to bring their two cultures together, and then the ultimate difficult decision to split

Sidura Ludwig, Canadian Jewish News, February 12, 2009.